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Use the above URL in your og:image meta tag. You can also dynamically or manually generate these links using the following schema:
Parameter Notes Options
:title The title, largest text in the image. You can use "{{n}}" for a newline N/A
:subtitle The subtitle, under the largest text. You can use "{{n}}" for a newline N/A
:url The url you want to show at the bottom. This should be without the protocol (http://). You cannot use slashes here, but you CAN use "{{s}}",
:protocol The protocol of the aformentioned URL. Should not include "://" http, https, file
:font The font you want used in the image. You must use one of the fonts we support (supported fonts in examples) menlo, atkinson
:image The image you want to be used as the background. You must use one of the images we support (supported images in examples) candybar, cheerfulorange, renownedred, unmatchedeclipse, virtualshapes, flawlessaffinity, prettyheroic, irritablehero, circleacquired, descendsun, shatteredfeelings
:color The hex code of the color you want as the foreground. You cannot use the pound (#) symbol, so use {{h}} instead. {{h}}FF6600

This project costs me roughly $10 a month to operate. Although not required, donations are gratefully accepted:

This project is hosted on DigitalOcean. Using this link, get started on DigitalOcean with a $100, 60-day credit for new users (and I get $25!).‚Äč

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Inspired by Vercel's similar app.
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